Color Theory Workshops

I am excited to offer my passion, expertise, and devotion to color as a color theory workshop. We will look into the qualities of color and pigment all artists must learn to fully utilize their palette and knowledge of color. Learning about color and light is a never ending journey. It is important be aware that there is always more to learn in art.

workshop overview

The workshop is divided into three separate sessions over a three day period. Each session is 4 hours long with time for Q and A.

Session 1
Building Blocks of Subtractive Color

You will learn the basis and terminology of color used by artists. You will break down the underlying structures of balancing color and practice seeing color more accurately.

Session 2
How We Interact with Color

You will learn how we, as artists, can utilize the way colors interact as well as the color's contextual importance.

Session 3
Handling Color in Compositions

You will heighten your awareness to building successful compositions and how to adjust colors to enhance the final composition, aesthetically and contextually.

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Sign up for the full workshop of all 3 sessions or take session 1 and/or 2 individually, based on your experience and knowledge.