Hello World!

I am Ryan Runcie. A painter, skateboard fabricator, muralist and a genuine human being. I have decided to share my views with those interested. Not for my own exposure but for the insight and knowledge reciprocated by someone with something to offer.  I realized I wanted to make art for a long time when I saw my older brother sketching a truck as a seven year-old. I grabbed a sheet of paper and began drawing with him. My car was ugly but luckily I was to inspired to care.

In 2010, I started building longboards after two different boards I bought broke within two months of purchasing them. I figured if whatever I made broke within the same amount of time, it was cheaper immensely cheaper. Build 4 flat, crappy and bouncy longboards or buy 1 cnc routed longboard of layered bamboo veneer? I can be rather frugal at times. After a few dozen decks created, I was actually creating beautiful wooden creations worth something in the eyes of others. Know that didn't fuel me, I just loved making custom longboards.

As I began expanding my experimentation of mediums beyond graphite and wood, I fell in love with acrylic paint. I have been painting with acrylic paint and watercolors for 4 years and I am enjoying all the ups and downs. I hope you will follow the journey. Stay Tan...