Getting What We Deserve

It has been quite the path getting to where I am. As I graduate design school, I look both forward at my goals and back at the inspiring work I have created. Thinking back, I remember my desires to display my artwork all over the nation. In a wider sense, I am still pursuing that. My experiences thus far have drastically changed my approach and concerns.  6 years of being in art exhibitions, juried competitions, selling products in store fronts and doing personal commissions have seasoned me and expanded what I find important.

I learned first hand, what it meant to create art that inspires other creatives. I have made work that healed families; helped them through unexpected passing. I have made skate decks that helped downhill racers claim multiple wins. I had the honor to put a mural in a historic landmark in the capital of my home state. All this before graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Communication Design. I have received many great blessings yet, they were earned. It definitely wasn't the easiest transition into selling artwork.

First, I freaked out. I wondered what I would do if I really was a piss poor designer/artist. I remember googling for hours how to be successful as an artist. Only to learn that about 5% of all art and design graduates continue creating art professionally 5 years after graduating. I also learned that included being a stock boy at Michael's. So I wondered, how animators get positions working for Disney? Compared to a Hobby Lobby cashier, they are near irreplaceable. This is the level of artist I wanted to attain. Just like everything else I had ever achieved, I knew I would have to practice often and stay focused to become great.

So, for the last half decade I have created prolifically. So much so, I have to stack finished paintings in the corner because my walls salon galleries. I never thought I would have sold so many artworks, that I couldn't recall all the patrons who has supported my work.

I have become more socially aware and I can better see how I can use my art and influence to improve my community. As long as I keep creating, I know that I will continue to expand my clientele, will continue making money off my work. But I will have to take my personal time and effort to advance our society holistically. Something I think is more than worth it. At the end of the day, we all have to earn a wage to feed our families. For me, I don't see how it would hurt if what I did was able to feed the hungry. If we collectively volunteer a few hours to designing and improving small organizations and companies to heal the community behind the scenes, the community as a whole sees exponential benefits and relations among citizens. Together we can create a new.