Art & Business Workshop 10/18/17

This upcoming Wednesday I will be talking about the overlaps of art and business with Jorge Palomarez by my side. We are focusing more on upcoming artists and the struggles they normally have and probably don't realize they have. We are talking about topics from selling to actually looking somewhat professional and invested in your own success.

Pricing is a massive barrier that not only is hard for many artists, but it scares many artists from even trying to sell their work. Some are afraid to hear a no and some are afraid to sell their favorite artwork. There is a massive gamut of nuances that sway what we think is important or can emotionally effect your pricing scheme. The reality is, you need to be practical. What can your market sustain? Or what is the range your normal clientele usually feels comfortable spending for your art? Is it based on your ask or their final negotiations?

Sometimes it is a great thing to sell an artwork regardless of the price. Not even for the exposure, but that is one more artwork in the world and one less to be concerned about. If you make 10 paintings a year and only really like 4 of them, it will be almost impossible for you to let go of that painting and the buyer will feel it. You will be hesitant and awkward, instilling those feelings in them. Unless your work is astounding, they usually won't push to hard. Remember, to the lay man, it is just a painting. Your contextual prowess fades at the gallery doors for 90% of artists. I'm not saying it doesn't matter, just that it matters more to you than anyone else.

There are so many facets to making your personal love into a business that it can become very nuanced. If you feel you have a question that I think I have an answer to, I would love to help you progress along your way.