Where You are From Has Nothing to do With Where You are From

Many understand how travel breaks down many of their perceptual barriers. We understand that seeing how others live their life helps us to understand the variety that life can provide as well as help us to grasp a more grounded look into our own lives.

Being a first generation American, I always saw my friends and people of my community doing things my parents didn't do. Eating foods that would never be consumed in my house, all the while I am the Texan eating Jamaican curry goat. This helped me to realize that you can only truly see yourself in relation to others. What this meant is that I could see differences with ease, but our congruities were more hidden and subconscious.  Our mannerisms, dress codes and more were all existing without anyone pointing out how odd all of us sound and act. Because it this our reality? Someone randomly plucked from their distant community can come and tell us of our fallacies without hesitation. Isn't that what we would do to them and their people?

Here is my point. All of our hatred and despise we have cultivated for other cultures is because of our high sense of self pride and nationalist support. Knowing where your from is only the basis for realizing you don't know everything and that your view point begins very limited. The goal is that by the time you step back into your hometown after months and years of being away, you will actually understand where your hometown fits into the global community. You will learn that we all desire the same feelings of happiness and security. The barriers of tolerance and judgement will come crashing down -- not because you want them to, but because you simply know better.