Finding Your Artistic Style pt. 2

Previously, in part one, I spoke on the basic growth path that many artists of any endeavor can expect to go through before the find "Their Art". But in this post I am going to gear towards the creative aspects of finding your artistic style.

Beginners growing into an emerging artist feel that their work grows monotonous after just a short body of work is created. After that they move on to another style. For me, I think it is important to paint in many styles. Only for your own understanding of different ways to portray an idea. That is it. Learn a style that you don't understand. Maybe you think outlines on cartoons are unnecessary. Try creating an illustration to see the importance of composition and line work. Try out an abstract painting to see your intuitive nature and explore techniques. Paint naturalism and figurative work to understand natural lighting and proper color mixing. The importance of diversifying your knowledge far exceeds building a singular body of artwork to show in galleries.

For me personally, their are times, I must do nature photography because of my love for flora saturation and finding natural dynamic compositions. But you may never see these photos. Younger generations are losing the importance of living your life to live your life. They are trying to impress and sell an image day in and out. Almost every idea is scrutinized by the question, "How can I make money from this?" This focus will get you no where. BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER YET. If you are still developing your talent, don't think anyone owes you for merely trying. If your efforts meet or exceed there demands for good talent, then they will support you personally and monetarily.

I am at a point where I make a living fully off of my artwork and teaching classes yet I am still developing myself on as many levels as possible. Art is holistic. Art starts from a clarity and self awareness that doesn't challenge the intuitive idea to much. Allowing it to flow until completion can allow you to create works you may have never expected to create. I am not sure if it because I am still young or because this is my nature, but I have been painting two different series for the last two years. The work you see, my portraits and abstracted work, speak into each other. I now use a loose abstracted stroke in my realism andthe balance and form portraiture taught me in my abstraction. I feel, it was one of my best decisions as I have thoroughly enjoyed both bodies of work because of the dialogue between the art. So, as you move forward, if you have the willpower and deep desire to create different works I think you should do what you can to learn from them both/all.