The Elusive Science pt. 2

Approximately 2 years ago, I wrote about different artist mindsets within the art industry that I have experienced. But today I want to speak on what keeps me thoroughly engaged in my work. I deemed art the elusive science and I still truly believe this. My reasons have different realizations that I never considered before.

The absolute most important aspect for me is the fact that you are only you, right now, exactly where you are. As far as we know, we can't change this. The person you are going to be in 10 minutes, 10 months, or 10 years will not hold the same opinions, experience, or relationships. You must work to express the you that you are today. I know this can be misleading to artists who believe in sticking with a singular subject until fame and fortune bestows you, but that isn't the way to live a full breadth of your mind. As an artist, I am here to give you the fullest expression at the highest level that I can. That is what I have promised to my culture and myself.

Let me explain. Years ago, as I gained artistic skill and enough muscle to wield tools, I realized how much I wanted to create. The driver for my mind was the fleeting sense of time coupled with the lack of beautiful artworks in my portfolio. To create is to learn. To experience is self education. I had so many ideas ("bodies of work" in artist lingo) but I felt helpless in the face of creating everything that came into my mind. As of now, I still feel this. I couldn't call it a sense of regret but a desire. I still want to expand bodies of artwork I started 6 years ago because I am still inspired by the context and the work itself. Yet I am also drawn to new ideas and the time that we live in.

This steady flow that comes being creative everyday is a strong and soothing mentality. You are willing to work vigorously towards this goal that still remains unrealized. You have hopes and intentions but without the willpower to see it through, you give up in the middle stages unsure where to go. This is probably how I got to the point that I am in: I never tried to elevate one idea over the other based on the praise I would receive. I just wanted to express ideas pertinent to me. Yeah, the idea's weight on you fades over time. Sometimes it is revitalized through extreme victory or pain. But if it is time to move on. You don't have much time to express what is honestly on your heart. Don't overthink it. It is inevitable that we will connect with you the more honest you are. That is why we see ourselves in good art. Maybe it is not so elusive after all.