Merging your Passions

So many artists and creatives that I know consider themselves closer to jack of all trades than master of one. Its okay for many reasons. It keeps life feeling full and vibrant. Most can't deal with the boredom that comes with the monotony of practicing a very specific craft or skill.

The phrase, "That is as boring as watching paint dry," is now hysterical to me. Mainly because I am always watching paint dry. But that is the only way to work: to paint for hours. Before I painted this often, I made graphite and charcoal drawings in different styles. I made skateboards that involved many woodworking tools and skills. I have practiced photography for 12 years and practiced design for 13. Now, I always see areas where there is crossover and ways I can create something I enjoy. In turn, it is seen as "my style". Even though I have total control of the art, it will always be built from the raw ore of my thoughts and past experiences. In other words, a there is a goal in mind for the artwork, but its going to have aspects I never knew I would create or encounter. That is what makes it the elusive sensation that keeps artists in awe of our own progression in creating visuals.

I realized pretty early on that we can elevate what we are doing with soooo much ease. If I merge my woodworking and painting skills, can you imagine what is possible? What about design and skateboarding? Here is my main point. You have to find what uniquely connects with you and inspires your every action. In our world, people are in such tight niches that it is harder to connect with the whole. And that's okay! You just have to understand who really cares for your work. The number one priority is to make sure you care about your work!