Social Media for Artists

It is 2018. Everyone and their grandmother knows how to login to facebook and instagram. We all spend at least a few hours a week monitoring what others post and what they think of our posts. An aspiring creative would find many pros and cons of social media.

We all have gained inspiration from other creatives online. We can now contact other creatives around the world or passively consume their work until we are overwhelmed with too many good ideas. It is a blessing to better understand how your art relates to your community at large. It exposes your work to clients, gallery curators, and other rising artists. Making a few extra sales a year from unexpected clients online can dramatically change an artist’s year, financial situation, and artistic confidence.

On the negative side, we all have seen art that is better than our own work. We see artists getting accolades and opportunities we desire. It can be the opposite of inspiring if you aren’t confident in who you are as a person and creative. Instead of envying others, we should learn how long and tireless of a career propelled them to where they are. No artist accidentally gains high valor and respect by folly. Many connections had to be made and thousands of ideas and artworks have to be labored over first.

All in all, social media has been a great change of this era. A new level of connectivity has changed art and design for the entire world. Both first world and third world countries have access to the internet now. When we all work towards our goals with a higher sense of positivity, we can make sure we are experiencing the joys and benefits of social media and global relations.