The New Era of Pop Up Art Businesses

Have you started an art/design/photography business in the last 5 years without any professional experience or in depth practice before trying to solicit business? If so, I was secretly mad at you. I would probably be over critical of the quality of your work and nitpick where I think things could be better. Then I realized, their decision has nothing against me and in no way hurt me. If anything, they were just trying to find ways in this era of temp. jobs and arts and crafts were more accessible.

This topic is an “artist’s problem” yet is very relatable for other industries. We have all heard of people who “disrupt” or change industries because they feel inspired to. If that is the case, then why do I allow myself to be multifaceted but not others? Why does the age they decided to pursue their dreams have any relevance to their success? My judgements were only my anxious insecurities.

When I was first applying to various art shows and opportunities, I would get rejected and try to find out whom got the job in order to compare my work to theirs. It is tough to experience. It feels like getting rejected for a job interview even though you thought it went well. This is why so many get bitter and give up the practice which brings me to the next point.

Recently, not only have I been a better supporter of young art ventures, but I have been passing on my experiences and knowledge to other artists privately and in artist workshops in order to help others reach their full potential. I realized what bothered me most about non artists starting art businesses was their lack of professionalism and their money hungry facebook posts that painted artists as cons. If you have only made 5 paintings yet, please heavily reconsider promoting an art business. Not because you can’t do it, but out of respect to those who will become your clients DESERVE quality.