Importance of Color Theory

Over the last few years, I have taken a serious liking to the in depth nature of color. Before I started concerning myself with color, I was a graphite illustrator who could not be torn away from the subtle beauty of grays. Little did I know, my ignorance led me down the path of over saturated colors and a poor understanding of the nature of light.

Now, as a painter and owner of over 10 different tubes of yellow paints, I am constantly learning to see the minute differences in the world around me. Questioning why I see certain colors, textures and light refractions.

The in depth studies by Itten, Munsell, Albers, Newton and many more, stimulate questions I don't believe I could have formed on my own. An attentive mind with unrelenting patience is a mind made for color theory. What most see as a see of colors, I have come to believe is one color. Being that a perceived color is no more than a very exact wavelength passing through your eye organ to be perceived as electrical signals, I find it a must to reflect.

Over time, I will be adding thoughts about what I have learned of color. Maybe through painting demos of portraiture or my color shift painting technique as I continue to develop it.

Stay Tan...