My Palette means the World

Over the last two years, I have been slowly developing, or better yet unraveling, my work that I refer to as color shift. My portraiture is where I employ the idea of color shift painting as of now and I hope to branch it soon. Some may refer to my color work as impressionist or expressionist but here are a few reasons why I think it has branched from them but is not the same.First, I will clarify why I do it, and what I hope to achieve. In the next post, I will discuss the differences between past artists and myself.

When I employ my this style of painting, my main objective is to surpass racial discrimination all together. I want to transcend it at such lengths that the idea of racism and colorism are hard for future generations to even fathom. I want racism to feel outlandish and like the perversion it is. The fact is that I am of mixed race, including African, Caucasian and Hispanic. So growing up was difficult. No, I didn't get beat up or get violently attacked. It was a gentle down pour of my own friends telling me black jokes then saying directly after, "No Offense!" Right, because your proclamation of no offense has somehow made your words disappear. Normally, you just don't offend someone if you are truly worried about offending someone... I digress.

Because of the years of feeling different or separate, I finally landed on the conclusion that I am either a new race of human or we are all the same. I think you know what I concluded. Through the way I use color in my portraits (particularly my self portraits) I hope to make the race a secondary if not tertiary aspect of what you see. I want you to experience the visceral emotion and passion emitted. Notice the form and beautiful curves of the face. By paying heavy attention to value, I can manipulate hue and chroma in a manner that allows me to distract and inspire my view to perceive each other in a new, brighter light.