Moving Forward

Before reading this post, I ask that you follow this link to a video of 4 professional Disney artists doing their work.

In this It is amazing how other artists inspire each other continually. I have had many situations where i wasthinking in my own little mental bubble when another artist enters the room. We begin talking about things we have noticed that can fuel our work. That usually leads to the new concepts and the power of thoughtful procrastination in our process. soon after, we are passionately fueled about the same concept and how it can be brought to the world around us. We have new insight into the art and design that we are working on and feel energized once again; even if it is only for a fleeting moment.

To know that you can not master multiple crafts as thoroughly as you could focusing on one is important. There are many factors of the process of growth too many young artists don't understand. When you focus and hone your work, you progress to a higher standard respected by artists of all fields. Other high proficiency artists will be willing to work with you and develop along side you. In this way, you are both becoming better learning from each others' skill sets. Something you wouldn't have had access to if you weren't devoted long enough. In the video, the artists rendered awide reaching tree in such diverse styles and with different medias. Yet they can mask their styles in their Disney animations. They have each other to rely on and learn from in many different media and techniques.

Another strong reason to stay aligned on one area is because of your market. A potential client is everywhere and everyone. But those that are most likely looking for a book cover design for a math textbook won't search for that artist in a museum or contemporary art gallery. They will have a publisher find the best match. Most likely a textbook designer who has aligned themselves with the publisher and the proper contacts. To become good at your craft is a big goal, but becoming socially established and financially secure from your work is equally difficult. A studio portraiture artist may go into the streets to paint portraits of others in order to raise their awareness in the public. They will most likely have a website where there work is displayed and for sale. Where as, a greeting card artist is sending samples to Halmark and Papyrus in order to make sales and gain moment. Attached to that are all the artists and art aficionados that help nudge you in the right direction along your path.