I can see that the new generations coming into the work force has very low aspirations. I hear more I just want a job that pays me more than I hope to inspire young thinkers or build an art collective for my community. There is such a lack of forward thinking, I wonder how they are called creatives, with all due respect. It just hurts me because it is the last step before giving up. You are allowed to take breaks along any journey. They will get stressful and tiring. But only those who don't quit can be what they aspire to be.

A strong motivating long term goal helps you keep your eyes focused on the target. Many great thinkers suggest writing down your goals regularly and reading them often. If you are anything like me, your mind is racing because of the insane number of tasks you have to complete. By listing all my tasks, I can categorize everything by importance or by relation. Once you know the most important tasks for the day (Top 2 at most), focus on those. Once those daunting tasks are finished, much stress is alleviated.

My aspirations are big. Yours don't have to be but you are alive correct? Okay, so you don't know what your goals are. You don't really have anything that wakes you up  at 3 a.m. passionately. Here is the thing. You, yes you, have to hunt it down. You must constantly experience new things until something keeps calling to you. I suggest you take 20 minutes. Sit back with a notepad and pencil and scribe down what you like to do growing up. If you are only 15, don't drown yourself in stress, but enjoy learning new things. You will never know everything. If you are 23 as I am today, keep working. Passion is not always found. Passion grows over time. The more love and time you poor into something, the more you learn about its intricacies and light your passion. If you are older than myself, I am not the one to instruct you but I believe as we age we should aspire to assist our communities as we see our network and outreach. We should do all that we can to push the next generations into logical perceptions and strong communal work ethics that aren't built on destroying your fellow man. Stay Tan..