Art Education

I have always wanted to teach art to kids and inspire them to be living as better people. Though I do love making good art, I think of art as a tool to make good people. When you use an image to question what someone believes, you shake the ground they stand on. For that moment, their spirit is opened. The door of acceptance may have swung open. I want to teach people to walk through that door into others perspectives. Their brother's perspective. The tree branches perspective. The milky way galaxy's perspective and more. To show them that they are not singular and that they can only be equal to others is very important to me. If I could help inspire future generations to work as a community as opposed to the American Hero mindset where it is every man for themselves and only the best make it to the top. There is no top. Stop exuding only your selfish desires. You must give much more than you receive. In our modern society, most aren't grateful for all that has been done around them.

As you sit there, reading this, look around at all the man made objects around you. Not only did they have to be produced, but invented, designed, and tested for possibly hundreds of years. Look at a ceramic cup or drinking glass. The amount of work and engineering that is used to create the cups we use to day is absolutely astounding. And that is only one facet of human ingenuity. Realize that the potential is an always expanding resource. As we think of more new connections and relationships around us, more is to be had. Once you teach that to a child, they begin to understand the sky is no longer their limit. Stay tan.