What's your inspiration?

This question can be a double edged sword to an artists mind. Thinking back to my past inspirations has either helped me start making work again or scared me from moving forward. When you see phenomenal artworks, your senses feel shock. Your emotions are ignited and you remain in awe during that moment. Moments like these have made many artists. Inspiration has the power to completely shift our priorities and goals. To walk up to a painting you have only seen a .jpeg image of is quite a juxtaposing feeling. If you haven't, you should find a museum.

When I saw Chuck Close's black and white self portrait in person, I was blown away. The precision of his marks made me rethink everything I was doing. The way it encapsulated simplicity and direct action was something I wanted to embody. Not only in my art but within myself. Inspiration is not someone else's new idea showing you what is possible, but reminding you who you are. Seeing what you are in someone else, or someone else's art allows you to see your own potential. You didn't change within 15 seconds, but you have gained outward validation about beliefs that align with the art that inspired you. For example, I love EWOK-ONE, http://mr-ewokone.com/   He is a graffiti artist, designer, cartoonist, illustrator, toy maker and I wouldn't doubt if he did more. I first saw his graffiti work and loved his color palettes and cartoon characters. I saw his work online for the first time while I was building longboards and drawing cartoon heads in 2010. It was the relation of his simple palette cartoons with wicked black line work that inspired me tremendously. I actually copied one of his compositions on a longboard that I still to this day will not sell.

I can't quite remember what it was like for me to not have inspiration for another creation. I have contracted what I call "Artist Paralysis" where I had so many ideas I assumed that I may choose to pursue the wrong one. Remember that all of your ideas are part of you. Experience as much of yourself and release your ridiculous opinions all over your peers! Good and the bad.

For those who feel uninspired, if the tv is your best friend, that is why. You are taking in information and a constant blur of words and images but your are not actually thinking. You don't have any reason to use complex reasoning to answer your own questions. Go on a hike you haven't gone on. Bring a camera while you are at it. Buy a sketch book and sit outside with it for an hour every week.  Buy a guitar of an oboe. Ride in a canoe. Drive across country. Just find a reason to live an tell the world wht your learn along the way. Stay tan.