Art and Business

There is a reoccurring understanding that seems to be passed on since the dawn of modern art. An idea that is fostered almost purely out of ignorance. A prevalent view point of contemporary artists, is that going into art galleries and you are trying to sell to gallery owners and patrons, you are selling out. The reality is, we are just selling.
Amateur artists believe someone will be walking past there apartment room, peer through their window and beat on their door to dump thousands of dollars at their feet. The truth is, a painting is just another product and service to be offered. A painter is just another job. It is our obligation to work hard to share our vision with the community at large. That means getting off of the couch and letting people know you and YOUR ART exists. Much like this blog, I am sharing what knowledge I may have to offer. If I didn't post, you wouldn't know who I am. This isn't selling out either. One key thing to remember is that people usually choose the path of least resistance. So if I don't leave this here to be found, it is most likely you wouldn't have asked me to write on this. I must be vulnerable as a person and a creative to take the chance of exposing myself. It is frightful to put your true beliefs and ideals in front of everyone you know to be judged. This is your community.

It is not fair to expect the world to give you anything for completing personally inspired work. There is a reason we seek praise when we create anything. For a myriad of reasons, a sense of validation, artistic guidance, endorsements, inspire, assist, etc. But at the very heart of it, we are part of a community. We, as a species, understand that we do not operate alone. We find pride and reason in helping others strive. At times we don't even consider our own progression, but we are relentless hawks bearing down on the subtle regressions of others.

Whether making art for the enjoyment of the process or to pay bills, it should be for you, and if others want it, give openly. Some jobs may not seem like work you should be doing, but spending 15 hours painting a style you may paint once in your life, can teach you techniques to keep forever. If you are doing commissioned work, you can still make it personally inspiring. So you find very graphic paintings boring. Focus on the beauty in your color palette. Enjoy working with a different set of brushes. Maybe even experiment with new layering applications to craft a stronger artwork. Always remember, what you are to be, you are now becoming.

When trying to help a cause bigger than yourself, slightly higher expectations usually proceed; USUALLY. You have to cut pieces of your artistic direction-pie into smaller shares. Though others will actually want to see you succeed, we all have desires. But in the end, the main point to remember is that the people around you mean everything. People are the only creations apparently moved by art. So if you don't want to meet people, talk to them about what you do, or sell any work, don't enjoy the presence of others.