Politics and Prejudice in The Art World

First of, let me start by stating, I believe there are art villages as opposed to an art world. When people say "The Art World", they are usually referring to the fine art galleries that display modern, historical, and/or contemporary artwork. Our reality is very different. You could sell cat drawings online and make 6 figures if you work and market effectively during this wild cat trend. Online pet portrait commission painting is one single niche in the online art village.

Now, you won't even have to win the favor of your local bishops and priests in order to paint for the Lord, like during the Medieval period of Europe. I state that because that was the equivalent of an art gallery hundreds of years ago. Think about it. People still visit the Bastille, Vatican and Sistine Chapel to see the art. Not to pray but to view art. This articulates the power of prestige that art has represented in many political or religious sectors. By bolstering the most exquisite works that support their beliefs, they could better captivate those who walked into the enamoring space.

There are many levels of political sway when it comes to galleries. Deeper than we think, though we have all seen it to some degree.  It can be seen by which artists make it into a group show. It is seen in the placement of an artist's work on the walls and brochures. It can be seen by how the gallery owner only floats near certain artwork in the show.

The prejudice is a gray area in art decisions. There are times that the curator's connection to the artist can make you reconsider. A great example of that is Bansky, an artist who originated in the streets. A more prime example is Basquiat. He endured many hardships living in the streets but his connection with Andy Warhol gave him a powerful voice. A lot is secured when an artist learns what types of cultures gravitate towards their art. Their chance of gaining notice and supporting themselves off of art sales skyrockets. They have found those with the greatest connection to their work. With hard work and perseverance, an artist can overcome any boundary if they have faith in their vision. Stay Tan...