Dilettante vs. Professional

In America, many of us have been bestowed enough financial freedom to create artworks, jewelry or crafts. That, coupled with the ability to sell goods online, people are able to profit of any miscellaneous product.

For many of us, arts and crafts are a great hobby. We find a place to use meditative focus while decorating our sister's bedroom. For some, the color teal is the reason to create beautiful teal glass vases and that is perfectly fine. But there is a difference between a dilettante, someone who dabbles in making art and an aspiring professional.

I feel I must start by stating that many students in colleges today don't realize that they are only dabbling in the arts while at school. For some of them, they profess to creating more work in high school than they have in four years of art schooling.  They look towards the goal of working as a professional without putting in the efforts to work as a professional. They consider shopping and netflix before 5 hours of painting followed by note taking from books. Their mindset is completely different and that is okay. As long as they are willing to admit it to themselves. I believe that young artists must at least know what it takes to be a great artist. This way, they must be honest about their poor work ethics 20 years down the road. Many are wondering why they never attained the art career they strove for.

Some adults in their later years try to become art professionals which is something I admire. Mainly for the fact that I hope that I am willing to pursue my goals, no matter my age or circumstances. With that said, I find it more difficult because of the rigorous hours needed in quick succession. It is tough on young bodies and minds. Once the body and mind are adapted through decades of working, the pitfalls have bridges and vines covering the gap. This is the place I hope to be. Like Picasso, working fruitfully into his nineties. Chuck Close, painting with a brush braced to his hand while in a wheel chair. And I hear students complain about cutting out squares with exacto knives. Go sculpt marble or build a Victorian vanity with your personal designs drafted precisely by your hands. Experience bringing high form into the world. This can only be done with hours and hours of honing your skills and creating multiple versions to steady your hand. If you want to be a dilettante, that is great. Just don't show venomous reactions to artists working at the rates of professional artists because you are steeped in ignorance. Many artists sacrifice free time, frivolous expenditures and unethical acts to develop stronger art.

No matter what you do in life, your priorities will guide your actions and ultimately land you in the position you accept in life. If you want to be an artist, work hard first, to show yourself you deserve it. After, work hard because your work deserves it and it represents everything you stand for. Stay Tan...