I have realized that there are only a few reasons why we yearn for change. The obvious reason is to escape pain. But when all of your basic needs are met the new desire is for progression. Progression of mind, health and skill. Skill is the most appeasing to use because it is usually of a physical manifestation. If so, it is easy to track progress over both, the short and long term efforts. For example, if a chef creates the same meal with intent on improving it, the 50th time they cook the meal will taste nothing like their first attempt. Even a young child interested in cooking will love learning about different meals and techniques. Although the attention to detail is different, they both are engulfed in their own progressions.

I find our longing to be good at everything is a healthy feeling. Although, attempting to do so doesn't give you the mastery you desire. It is your job, and mine, to propel ourselves to new heights. Not for yourself but for your community. For your family. For the future. I think this is a helpful way to view why we shouldn't switch up our passions and main focus very often. The idea that I am progressing in painting to one day make work that inspires you in a way you haven't felt is the same reason I needyou the banker,gardener, or nurse to bring a higher level of focus and humanity towards the customers of their respective fields.

It is good to be honest if you have wandered down the wrong path. But make sure you are not only quitting because of the lack of validation you secretly desired. We all seek validation; some will admit it, others wont. It doesn't matter much beyond you learning to love yourself and your work enough to not give up on it. Take a break. Eat some cake. Laugh. Then do what you can to continue pursuing progression.