My Lessons in France

Recently, I had the glorious opportunity to visit France, Monaco, and Spain. Touring through Paris, Avignon, San Sebastian, Versailles, Biaritz, and a few other cities. I was gifted with the opportunity of seeing the astounding buildings I have studied for years; The Notre Dame, the Louvre and Louis XIV Palace of Versailles. The things that I had only seen in books and on computer screens now stood erect in front of me. Towering over me with all the awe the creators intended. The rose window within the Notre Dame is something that can not be explained, only experienced. The golden gate of the Versailles Palace stands 2 stories high and the ornate considerations mean nothing until you can run your hand over it. The French docks were full of history and wonder that told stories of past sailors and fishers.

The intricacies and considerations of the architecture and design were something that I have never expected. Coming from a small town in Texas that has very simple structures and nothing you would ever consider ornate, makes it hard to fathom what I saw in France.. Even if you had not experienced truly ornate design. One thing that struck me was how considered everything was. Even the smaller manhole covers had distinct designs within each city. The way the historic aspects of the city were preserved was precious. I felt it rather honorable to have small parts of buildings from hundreds of years ago built into the modern architecture of the city.  Many aspects that I will definitely bring into my practice. It was a blessing I will never be able to replace.