An Artist's Outreach

Many lesser experienced or novice artists have in preconception that behind the scenes, is an art overlord you looks at all the art created moment to moment and it is his call who becomes famous. Clearly, that is not the case. But it is a great justification that will convince you that exposure is unnecessary.

In our time, this is the easiest artist exposure has ever been. No longer do you need French Salons to display your work once a year or wait for King Henry III and the Pope to commission you and your troupe of painters. You can use the expediency of social media, create your own website (which is highly advised, how else could you read this?), show art in small local businesses, show in street fairs and markets and so on. The only one placing these limitations on you IS you.

For some maybe the real problem is that you don't have a body of work or a real focus that ties your work together. You can combat this by choosing a venue to approach and work for 6 months to create enough artwork that flows with the vibe of said venue. Here is the great part: You are thinking, yeah well what if they reject me? TIME WASTED. Not so. You accomplished 2 things. You began to outreach and begin the road of rejection and acceptance! Don't give up! Second, you finally built at least a small portfolio of work you are willing to stand behind. I say this because chances are, if you really like ballet, you aren't painting motorcycles for a Harley Davidson showroom. In other words, you may have done a body or art that you can show to many other venues which you will do eventually if you want an artistic career.

Some choose the path of government grants, residencies, and commissioned opportunities. I myself, do mainly commissioned and contracted work but I have slowly looked into the other pathways. I find that commissions can help you through financial stress and get work you wouldn't really get through an employer. Plus the profit margins are usually nice. That aside, look to your local government for the long list of art geared services and opportunities already offered within your community. You may be leaving behind key opportunities. Good luck out there! Take care....