Holiday Art

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and it has got me feeling good inside. Whether you are an artist or not, it can be really refreshing to paint a holiday/tradition/ideological based painting. Losing yourself within the narrative is a great way for professional artists to break from their regular line of thought. This gives us a chance to dive into new images and colors than we normally use. If it a great way to get into arts & crafts.

Sometimes the coolest gift you can give is a painting you made specifically for that person. Other times, making something together is the best gift you can give. My point is, that gift giving itself can be the freeing act. Thinking outside of your normal habits and focusing on a friend's wants and needs, can call you into a new way of thinking. Likewise, when we are creating art for someone, for free or commission, you are forced to rationalize the use of colors you may normally gravitate towards. You probably also get to try out a different style that you never had a good enough reason to pursue it. Well, today is as good as any! Happy Mother's Day!