Social Media pt. 1

The last 30 years has been a massive surge in our ability to communicate and travel long distances. The most recent stir has been that most of our living generations are now connected and frequently using facebook, instagram, snapchat and other social media apps. As an artist, I have tried to use them both for personal and business purposes and I feel it is necessary for to help where I can.

The 'numbers game' of social media can really distort the way you see your own achievements. In case of my experience, things that you may perceive as trivial or humorous can end in arguments. I have posted an experimental painting that I didn't necessarily care to make more of, yet the response was more resounding than my current work. Now here is the key. Don't let it bother you. Don't let it get you of the course you feel is right. The only way you can take those likes seriously is if you direct message each person who liked your post asking them for two sentences of what they liked about it. If you do this, AND more than 75% of them aren't just "I liked the dress," or "I think it's really cool. I can't even draw a stick figure," then you can consider that a real world critique.

The 'numbers game' can fixate you on always posting as opposed to always creating. Lets say you are an artist creating one painting a week for this example. There is a lot of air time between the next finished painting post. So what do some do? (Neither positive or negative, this is argument is between a business mindset vs. a slight narcissism.) Some can wait and try to make posts that seem very professional and posed. While some post progress or wip shots to keep people engaged and checking in on their work. Some show of their studio or fake working shots. These I honestly detest. If the artwork is beautiful I still respect you as an artist, but just take a progress photo during your literal last strokes. It seems very disingenuous to other artists if your painting is dry and your brush has no paint on it. Especially when you are wearing a clean $300 dollar outfit.

The "numbers game' gives you micro mood swings if you can not diminish the importance of social media to your life. You have to realize how much time you are losing if you are on social media. If you are on a bus or plane, have at it. Some can justify hours of a day spent on it; Personal or business. I think it is important to devoting time to exploring different facets of life. Yes, most of your time is best spent on your craft in our current economy but your limited skill set and knowledge of cultures will stunt the potential of your craft. At least when you can, don't neglect experiences outside of your daily walk. Especially if you are an artist.