Social Media pt. 2

In the first part, Social Media pt. 1, I really focused in on what a healthy attitude towards social media use looks. I know from my own actions and speaking with other artists that it is easy to get pulled from your path to focus to heavily on social media. Here I am going to post to some of the positive qualities that we can use to our benefit. Do know, I am not an instagram guru, but the people that choose to follow me are interested in my work and what I have to say.

As we have all experienced to some degree, our ability to connect with others global is as easy as sending a direct message and hoping for a response. It is the first time you can track down your new favorite artist and send them love and admiration. As with most good things, marketers and entrepreneurs try to make money through spamming and rarely offering great products and services. But for us artists, we can show and sell our work right there on Instagram. It is essentially window shopping in artist's personally curated online galleries! It is a gold mine if you can utilize it! But for many, the harsh reality is the market saying your work is not good enough yet or they don't find personal connection to it.

Saying the truth gets you the farthest. We all love good stories. Connection is the key for an artist trying to make a sale. I have seen many artists at art fairs acting shy and disinterested in their own work! They are trying to carry a conversation with their booth mate instead of engaging customers. I have been told time and again, I made guests feel comforted and welcomed because I walked up to them, greeted them, and told them I am their for them if they have questions. You have to engage the same way online!!!! If you can make someone feel your care and intention through a ten word thank you to anyone that comments on your post, then you have a gift. Use it.