The Long Game

In our modern society the way we all perceive our worth is based on fame and notoriety. Artists and musicians don't create what is true to their hearts as much as they used to. Many focus on making big time hit singles that are only derivatives of what is hot right now. I know I have been a victim of this being part of this culture. So, here are some of my perspectives on what may help us to return to a healthier creation process with a healthier relation of our own work to others getting more "likes" online.

First, I have been finding it helpful to either have large chunks in each day or weekly, where I do my best to avoid logging in to social media. (The less my phone is around the easier it becomes, hint hint) It greatly helps when I'm working. And being someone who works for themselves five days a week, you determine your own success. You create your wealth and your demise. So five hours of mindless scrolling removed from your week adds up to a greater productivity and our actual goal - you begin to have your own thoughts again and make your own connections. With a lack of information flowing in, you are forced to build ideas and construct a more unique and personal vision. Don't you remember how easy it was to put down random drawings and images as a kid? Doodles are the runoff spout of the mind. If you have a hard time doodling random marks, you may have a hard time connecting to the intuitive mind.

Once, you feel you have began to have a healthier relation to social media, the next part begins of thinking long term. Now social media is a tool and not your slave master. You can use it to share and connect but you no longer spend half your day looking at artists you wish you were. You have a unique vision you will fall in love with merely for the fact that you are painting metaphysical mirrors that reflect your true self. Once, you have tapped into that, even your lulls or disparaging moments won't let you turn your back on your work. It will become too much a part of you to give up on it. That doesn't mean you won't sell or throw away art. But you kept your dream and aspirations alive.