Today's Art Market

I know and must admit that most of us can not firmly have a grasp on how the market operates for more than a small stint of time. Usually, even when we understand the shift, we are much too slow in taking action to capitalize on our knowledge. So from experience and watching other's experience I have learned a few things.

Art has been commercialized ever since prints were sold to redistribute drawings and ideas at a quantity AND a rate the common man could afford. The reality is, we are still in a similar financial curve as before. The main difference is technology and our perception of progression. This coupled with a much higher population gives the illusion of many artists finding wealth and success. This is not to discourage you from pursuing your art! It takes a lot of work to make money, but you can make it happen.

For some, the online presence helps some close deals and make sales they may not have made. From my experience, most of your sales will come from people within your rings of communication. About 15% of your sales come from people that don't know you. But the grand majority are those around you falling in love with your work and choosing to support you. There are artists who frequently do street shows, auctions, and art fairs so they will have more strangers as customers than friends of friends.

At this time, only 15% of all merchandise is purchased online. Even though our world feels different, we still buy majority of our purchases in person. That goes for art for the same reason. A buyer wants to inspect the condition, make sure the artist cares, negotiate deals, and above all, experience a resonance with the painting. So, find ways to get your art onto others walls! Restaurants, galleries, your friend's house! Good luck out there!